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Nov. 23rd, 2011 | 10:08 pm

Do you remember these guys? I brought them back for their own comics. I always had a soft spot for 'em. I threw the original comics in so that anyone new to the characters would have an idea about them!

You know what one of the funnest parts of my job is? Research! I don't usually show you guys research, but for anyone curious, here are some of the things I've used for this one:

When I found this guy last year, I wanted to draw him, and he became Nemesis.
Great clothing reference! There is also this one, and many out there like it. The internet is amazing.
This collection of prints turns up in a lot of places.
I guess the other guy was a surgeon, somehow.
How did they hold one of those things anyway? Ah.
What's looking at Napoleonic naval images without a few stills from Master and Commander, I ask you?

I always have a load of that stuff up, a million tabs open. Good times all around.

By the way, the CBC Q interview I had is on youtube now! Thanks Jian!


The store has three new shirts! It's been a while. But here they are!

The book is still available for order on Amazon!

Other buying options for the book? Topatoco is selling it, along with a reissue of the first book! There is a pretty good combo deal there.

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