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ho ho ho

Dec. 22nd, 2011 | 12:36 am

I'm headed home! Here are some holiday drawings before I go. Ken in the Nativity Scene is there just because I remember both owning Hollywood Ken (he had stars on his pants and the word HOLLYWOOD on his t-shirt) and trying to play with the figures in Mom's Nativity scene. I mean let's face it: they're dolls right? Amirite. The problem was that they were all puny next to the Barbies and that is a problem, because no doubt Mary would consider a man-about-town like Hollywood Ken to be the foster father of her miracle child, but she only went up to his hip, so Joseph was a more reasonable choice in the end.

As for Hunks, you may remember this twitter comic I made about meeting my neighbours:

I had to make a comic out of it in some way right! Here are some things that will always be funny to me:
hunks and babes
people lying on the floor
top gun

And that is the secret to anything I have ever made.

Will you be in New York between Christmas and New Years?

Then come to the third Crime Stoppers Club, a show put on by Michael Kupperman and myself, this month featuring the great talents of Julia Wertz, Anthony Devito, Mitch Magee, Julie Klausner and MARK TWAIN!

That's December 27th, at Luca Lounge in the East Village! Clicka that link hey why not

Oh one more thing - if you're back in Cape Breton for Christmas like me, I'm going to do a little signing or meet and greet sort of thing on Boxing Day in my hometown, Mabou. It's at the museum - An Drochaid, the Gaelic and Historical Society building - at 7:30pm. Be sure to drop by and say hello before the dance starts, hmm?

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