February 24th, 2011


resolved in the midst and heat of the battle to live and die amongst you all

Happy 300th update! It doesn't really mean anything because not all the things in the archives are even comics. But anyway! Prints of this comic won't be sold with the bonus sketchies at the end.

Comic updates will continue to be at a slower pace while I work on my book. Me and my schedule woes, where are the violins? For lame occasions? It's not in the yellow pages.

I have a strange cast of reoccurring characters, and Good Queen Bess is one of them. Heck, in one of the earliest ones, she's already at Tilbury! I remember in the course of my being raised Catholic and Scottish and all (somewhere between the tartans and the endless mass, I recall) there was a distinct notion that Mary Queen of Scots rules and Elizabeth drools but who were we kidding? Elizabeth was terrifying and amazing and also especially terrifying (which is great). Anyway who can stay mad at a face like that?

A face caked with lead paint featuring an impossibly high hairline and black teeth. Why I feel a sonnet comin' on!

Say, would you guys do me a favor? Just a moment of your time if you like! Two good friends of mine have entered a contest looking for "The Coldest Canadian," (ha!) and the winner gets a very nice trip to New Zealand! Caleb and Larissa have lived up in Igoolik, Nunavut for quite some time, and they put together a super cute video.

You can see it here!

They sure do love it up there, we can't get them to come back, but all the same, it's cooollddd up there! They just got engaged and I think a celebratory warm trip would be so nice, so take a look (it closes soon oh no!), and vote if you agree! Thanks very much, what are internet powers but for helpin' folks?

And now here are some feral looking ladies I drew. I like them! They were lawyers, in my head. I hope I find a comic for them.